Former Blizzard Developers Collaborate With Marvel On New Project

Former Blizzard Developers Collaborate With Marvel On New Project

“We may be small, but we’ve got BIG DREAMS!”, said small indie start-up Second Dinner in an announcement post made today, and based on who they are partnering with for their first game I would say this is no exaggeration. Second Dinner’s first partnership will be with none other than Marvel itself!

In a lighthearted and jovial video posted the studio showed off its second office, among other seconds. The tongue twister “it’s the Second Dinner second office second day” was said at one point. CEO Hamilton Chu then goes on to explain that they have received enough funding to finish their first project without doing any “dog and pony shows and what-not.” The funding came in the form of a $30M minority investment from China based company NetEase.  Details about the game itself were not released, but on the website announcement they mentioned characters like Hellcow the Vampiric Cow, Throg the Mighty Frog of Thunder, and more conventional heroes like Spider-man, the Avengers, and the X-men. I’m not sure if those first two were in jest, but you wouldn’t catch me complaining if the hero roster got a little bit bovine.

The developer was founded earlier in 2018, and currently holds a roster of 5 employees. All 5 having previously worked at Blizzard on varying projects like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and more. If you’re interested in some new work in the video game world you could also apply for a couple positions at Second Dinner. That is if you live in the Orange County area, as they  are currently looking for in house staff. If that suits your fancy than you can apply as either a Unity based Client Engineer, or as a Technical Artist. Can you think of a better reason to pack your things into a bindle and hitchhike your way down to California?

I personally love when a small company gets an opportunity to do something big, and with the experience this team has I’m hopeful of a quality product.