For Honor: Fangs of the Otherworld Event Announced

For Honor: Fangs of the Otherworld Event Announced

With Halloween approaching its customary for games to feature some kind of spooky event. Whilst Apex Legends brings zombies to ‘Battle Royale’ and the sinister ‘Junkenstein’ returns to Overwatch. Ubisoft’s medieval romp – For Honor brings it’s own spin to the Halloween festivities with “Fangs of the Otherworld“.

Playable until 1st November, Fangs of the Otherworld sees players capture zones to then be able to slay the various monsters that make up the event. A special version of the Dominion game type – Spooky Slashers has been created for quick access into the event.

A Halloween event won’t be complete without a wealth of unlockables to work towards. For Honor is no different. With a new executions, Halloween themed loot and more to unlock there is plenty to do to keep you busy throughout the coming weeks.

For Honor: Fangs of the Otherworld will be available from October 17th 2019 until November 1st 2019, so get in and take part while you can.

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