Five Nintendo IPs in Five Different Genres on Mobile

Five Nintendo IPs in Five Different Genres on Mobile

Following the announcement of Nintendo’s venture into the mobile market, DeNA West’s CEO, Shintaro Asako, shed some light on the subject at the Pocket Gamer Connects in San Francisco:

“I understand some people like RPGs, casual games. That’s why we decided to work together to create five games, hitting on different genre-utilizing IPs. We want to make sure out of those five IP that we can end up attracting hundreds of millions of people.”

Basically speaking we will be getting five titles all of unique genres on mobile from the Nintendo-DeNA partnership. Shintaro Asako also said that the company’s collaboration with Nintendo is the “most crucial partnership” in DeNA’s history, and that they hope to meet people’s expectations.

The five mobile titles will start rolling out this fall until March of 2017. What do you think the titles could be? Sound off below!