First Anthem Gameplay Footage Seen At E3

First Anthem Gameplay Footage Seen At E3

Opening with what looked like a cutscene, Anthem quickly revealed that what they were showing off was actually in fact actual gameplay footage, with beautiful graphics and lighting.

Immediately, the player receives a quest, at which point they suit up in a mech called a “Javelin”, fully customizable to fit your playstyle, and set out into the outside world beyond the walls.

Interestingly, the game appears to be in first person when you’re in the main town area, but quickly transitions into third person as the player sets out into a giant world not unlike something straight out of a Xenoblade game.

They show off a bit of combat, which looks as smooth as ever for a Bioware game, but the true star of this gameplay trailer is the amazing dynamic world, that looks to change and even be actively destroyed as you fight the twisted creatures that roam it.

All-in-all, Anthem is looking like a huge step up from Bioware’s last title, Mass Effect Andromeda.

Anthem is coming in 2018.