Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Airing On January 18th

Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct Airing On January 18th

Nintendo announced that a special Fire Emblem themed Nintendo Direct presentation will air on January 18th.

This event will feature coverage of Fire Emblem Warriors, the Fire Emblem X Dynasty Warriors game, teased during the Nintendo Switch Presentation. There is no other information on other games being present during the Direct, though we wouldn’t be surprised if a new entry is teased. With Fire Emblem becoming on of their more popular franchises, and with Nintendo revealing that there are 80 titles in active development for the Nintendo Switch, it would make sense that a new Fire Emblem is at least in its planning phases.

A specific time wasn’t detailed for when the presentation is, but more information about it will be made public as we approach January 18th.

Fire Emblem Warriors is expected to arrive on Nintendo Switch at an undetermined date.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the Direct and Fire Emblem.