Final Fantasy XVI Announcement Trailer Released

Final Fantasy XVI Announcement Trailer Released

PlayStation showed off a bunch of titles coming to their platform. From Spider-Man: Miles Morales, to a Demon Souls remaster. However the game that caught this journalists eye was Final Fantasy XVI. 

Square Enix has clearly been hard at work on the next entry to their multi award-winning franchise, and they certainly were able to deliver a fantastic looking trailer for us, but what exactly is in this trailer? Well, glad you asked. Lets get right into it.

The trailer starts out with three soldiers around a campfire talking a battle plan, with their main target being Shiva, an ice primal that has been seen as a reoccurring boss in multiple Final Fantasy titles.

Their discussion about battle plans were the interrupted by a summoning of an icon, which looks to be another reoccurring boss named Titan, who is of the earthen element.

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