Final Fantasy VII Released For Android Devices

Final Fantasy VII Released For Android Devices

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII is now available for Android devices.

Available for $15.99 USD, the game will be available for most Android devices running Android 4.3 Firmware and above. Square Enix warns players that they should save often and build multiple files as the game may contain bugs and glitches throughout gameplay.

“Depending on the terrain and timing of the action, the buggy, submarines, airships, and other modes of transportation may cease to move when the player embarks or disembarks. Currently, the only fix is to restart the game from a data file saved before the bug occurred. We recommend saving frequently and/or utilizing multiple save files. This bug occurs most often when players embark or disembark while extremely close to the terrain, as well as during time-sensitive activities for events.”

Over the years, Final Fantasy VII has been re-released on multiple platforms including the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC and iOS.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released for the Playstation in 1997.