February’s Game of the Month (2020)

February’s Game of the Month (2020)

The month of February may be over, but the games that came out in that month are very much still here. February is one of those months where you never know what you are going to get, especially with video games.

While some developers use this as an opportunity to make more noise with a release, it can lead to a sparse month; the calm before the first storm, March and April. This can be a great time to check out some unique titles you may have otherwise missed.

This year’s February catalogue had old games returning, like Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. It had zombie sharks in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. It even had a companion piece to the cult-classic movie The Dark Crystal (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics).

The three chosen here (two runners-up) represent what’s great about video games: creativity, action, humour, heart, exploration, sharing. While completely differing in their approach, they all retain one thing in common–fun.


It’s hard not to give this honour to Dreams, Media Molecule’s newest attempt allowing players to create. It’s also hard to explain both why it deserves accolades, as well as why it’s a game. You can do whatever you want, to answer succinctly.

Like Mario Maker, Dreams offers tools to the “player” to create entire games (not just Mario levels). Those games can then be played by others after being uploaded. A great game for anyone inspired by or thinking about getting into video game creation.

FIRST RUNNER UP— Kingdom Hearts 3: Re:Mind (PS4, Xbox One)

This made the list for mainly one reason: the end of an era. Whether the DLC met expectations may vary wildly from one person to the next, but fans got closure (did they?) to a story that’s needed concluding since the PS2-era. Like the others in the series, the player travels to various Disney worlds in a Final Fantasy-style crossover. That means stats, party members, and multiple bosses/boss forms at the end– the staples.

SECOND RUNNER UP— Darksiders Genesis (PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One)

I admit to being a Darksiders fan. I like the world, the lore, the characters (*ahem* Vulgrim), even its attempt to be something slightly different with each game. The first felt like a mash of Zelda and God of War. The second added random loot drops a la Borderlands and faster combat with more dodging and the third was basically Dark Souls-lite.

Now, Darksiders is trying its bony hand at the isometric shooter. Introducing the fourth and final Horsemen, Strife, who dual-wields pistols, this game focuses on a co-op aspect.

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