Fallout Shelter Coming to Android

Fallout Shelter Coming to Android

When Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter dropped, exclusively for Apple devices, some say that a large sigh of despair was heard around the world, as all the Android-using Fallout fans slipped their phones into their pockets with dismay, fearing they would miss out on the surprisingly in-depth and enjoyable vault simulator.

During 2015’s QuakeCon though, everything changed, and those Android users can rejoice, because today, a new, updated version Fallout Shelter was finally confirmed to be coming to Android devices, including new attacks, helpers, enemies and more. Now, before Apple users begin their phase of despair at this news, fear not, the update is rolling out to Apple devices the very same day, August 13th.

Bethesda has reportedly been absolutely blown away by the positive response to the game, and promises to keep supporting it and providing new content for a long time, this upcoming update being the first of it.

With Fallout Shelter coming to Android, and exciting new content being released for the hit game, Fallout fans will certainly have enough to tide them over until Fallout 4’s November release.