Fallout 76 Officially Announced By Bethesda, Updated

Fallout 76 Officially Announced By Bethesda, Updated

The next installment in the Fallout series will be called Fallout 76, Bethesda announced today after its 24-hour teaser.

We’ve been waiting a long time to show you what we’ve been up to! Tune in to see Fallout 76 during the Bethesda Showcase on Sunday, June 10th at 6:30 PM PT,Bethesda said on Twitter.

Bethesda also released an official teaser trailer, following a 24-hour livestream on Twitter. Fallout 76 takes place before Fallout 3 and the title comes from the vault the game will take place in, as some fans have confirmed on Twitter.

Based on the trailer, Fallout 76 appears to be a proper installment to the franchise, with the game probably taking place in West Virginia.

Update: Kotaku is now reporting Fallout 76 will be a survival RPG heavily inspired by Rust and DayZ.

The trailer, which you can watch below, makes some heavy references to West Virginia.

Not much is known other than fan theories and what’s in the trailer, but we’ll find out more at the Bethesda E3 Showcase on June 10.