Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s Season 3 Has Started

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s Season 3 Has Started

While it may no longer be the #1 hit game at the moment (it’s Among Us now), Fall Guys is still going strong. The game has had some new levels, new costumes and a hammer named the Big Yeetus, and more is on the way. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout‘s season 3 has begun and brings winter with it.

The new update will include a couple of levels. Named as Pegwin Pursuit and Ski Fall, both levels will have winter elements. The first will have players catch and hold on to Pegwins, Fall Guys stand-ins for penguins, in the same way they have with tails. But the other will be new, adding an ice slide with rings players will have to dive through.

There will also be a new Final Match, similar to Hex-A-Gone. But in Thin Ice there is only one layer to fall through, and it’s slippery. However, each segment can be stood on up to 3 times before it breaks, as opposed to once.

Plus another 4 levels, which are Freezy Peak, Snowy Scrap, Roll Off and Tundra Run. There should be plenty of variety there for newcomers and veterans alike. Dodge snowballs, roll them over patches to increase their size, and use flippers and blizzard fans to race. Each level introduces something new.

The update will also add Crown Ranks. This will keep track of players’ Crown accomplishments and will increase with the more Crowns won. If you reach a certain Crown rank, then Golden Costumes will become available to you. Why have crowns if you can’t show them off?

Finally, Mediatonic said there will be more than 30 new costumes and a new dangerous obstacle– Ringus Dingus.

You’ll be able to access everything above now, as the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s season 3 is already underway. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on PC and PlayStation 4.

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