Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Scores Big Numbers

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Scores Big Numbers

There are a lot of Battle Royale games out there, most of which are FPS-types. They vary, with some like Fortnite using a cartoonish look and adding a build mechanic. But for the most part, players know what to expect when the game is booted up for the first time.

Not so much with the new release, which takes game-show sensibilities and mixes it with the mayhem inherent in Battle Royale competitions. This new challenger has a formidable future in gaming, as the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout release scores big numbers.

Inherit the Crown

In the game, players take control of an anthropomorphic Jelly Bean and attempt to complete whatever task the game requires. It can be as simple as finishing an obstacle course or as annoying as trying to play a team sport.

The catch? There is a total of 59 other players vying for the same crown; the first round begins with 60 total, and players disappear with each finished round. In the fifth and final round, the winner must grab the crown to win. Its basic but fun.

It appears the internet at large agrees, because the game has 2 million sales on PC since August 4th, 2020. This is up from the former announcement by Devolver Digital that placed the game at 1.5 million across both PC and PlayStation 4.

Why is the 2 million on PC alone so significant? Because Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is part of Sony’s PlayStation Plus program this month, meaning any subscriber can download it for “free”. Other big numbers include 23 million viewing hours on Twitch, 1.5 million crowns were grabbed (number of entire 5-round matches played) and 60 million deaths.

Royale Succession

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic both describe the game as “the most successful launch ever” for either company.

“It has been humbling to watch the launch and reception of Fall Guys“, Paul Croft of Mediatonic says. “We’re incredibly grateful to all of our players for their support and have big plans for the game in the future.”

What those plans are remains to be seen but the numbers suggest that people will be interested. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out now on PC and PlayStation 4, and is $29.99 or “free” for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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