Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Launches New Season 3.5 Update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Launches New Season 3.5 Update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has received a mid-season update. The 3.5 update continues the wintery theme of Season 3 but adds a wealth of new content. The new update brings new variants of old-courses, a new Winter themed round titled ‘Snowball Survival’, and a live feed for spectators.

Snowball Survival is a completely new addition to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In this new round, you have to navigate the course whilst avoiding both your fellow players and the constant volley of snowballs.

To up the stakes further, the floor will also be gradually disappearing, which then makes it harder to avoid the snowballs. Snowball Survival is shaping up to be absolute carnage as snowballs and beans will be flying everywhere.

This mid-season update also brings over 40 new variations to the existing courses. These are set to remix the older courses with new traps and dangers, meaning that older players will have to learn what parts are now considered safe, and dangerous.

Fall-Feed is also promising to be a great feature too. This new feature allows you to spectate the action with live in-game data, such as stats and eliminations being displayed directly to the feed.

Fans of cosmetic collecting are also in for a few surprises too. Also included with the update is a wealth of new skins such as the new Sugar-Plumb cosmetic pack, and the much requested return of the Godzilla, Sonic the Hedgehog and Untitled Goose Game packs.

Moving away from all the fancy new items, developer Mediatonic has been busy squashing bugs. These improvements are all covered within the patch notes which  can be viewed here.

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