Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Reveals DOOM Costumes

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Reveals DOOM Costumes

A new trailer has revealed the latest crossover into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! The gates of Hell have opened, and with it; 3 brand new skins inspired by DOOM Eternal, which we will soon see added to the popular battle royale game!

The trailer mirrors DOOM Eternal’s announcement trailer; as the song “At Doom’s Gate” builds and the camera traverses around little jelly-bean characters struggle to survive. One of them drops his little crown and falls down a pit, as the camera falls into a perfect zoomed in position; similar to the demon skull in the DOOM trailer.

Just like the demon skull; the crown sits for only a moment until foot stomps on the crown; revealing a Doom Slayer inspired costume! The camera then over its shoulder to reveal two more DOOM costumes; the Cyberdemon and Cacodemon! With the crown caught on the Slayer’s foot, he stumbles into demons and they all fall into a fiery pit!

This hilarious trailer shows off all 3 of the cute DOOM Eternal inspired costumes in all their glory! It also teases how silly and difficult the game can be; as it can be expected many DOOM fans (including myself) will be trying the game out for the first time because of the skins.

Pixel Guys: Doom Knockout

The 3 new DOOM costumes will release on January 12th, 2021! Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available digitally on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 for $19.99! Learn more about the game on the official Fall Guys Twitter and website here!

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