EVO 2015 Begins Today!

EVO 2015 Begins Today!

The biggest tournament for fighting games has begun! Today, EVO 2015 will officially open it’s doors for a weekend of competition in a variety of fighting titles.

“The Evolution Championship Series (Evo for short) represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world. Evo brings together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun, as players and fans gather to honor the competitive spirit in an open format and determine a champion.”

The following titles will be available for competitive play:

– Super Smash Bros Melee
– Ultra Street Fighter IV
– Killer Instinct
– Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
– Guilty Gear X Sign
– Mortal Kombat X
– Super Smash Bros for WiiU
– Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
– Tekken 7

EVO will be taking place in Las Vegas from July 17th to July 19th. For more information regarding the event scheduling for EVO, head on over to evo.shoryuken.com.