EVO Loved Hyperkin’s ProCube Pad

EVO Loved Hyperkin’s ProCube Pad

Hyperkin, manufacturer of third party products such as the Retron 5, was present at EVO 2015 to showcase their new Wii U Controller called the ‘ProCube Pad’.

This new controller provides the same features as seen in the Wii U Pro Controller, but the kicker is the Gamecube styled shape and layout. It was made to appeal to the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U crowd, but will also work with any other game that supports a Wii U Pro Controller.

According to Hyperkin’s Chris Gallizzi, the reception of the controller was overwhelmingly positive:

“The results are very positive. Every single person loved how comfortable the controller is. [Evo attendees] commented on how they love the fact that it will work on all pro-controller supported games. The one thing that stood out to all survey takers was the bumpers and triggers. Since they are digital, not analog, they feel as if they get a more immediate response then the original GameCube controller.”

Following this statement, there hasn’t been word on whether the ‘ProCube Pad’ will enter full production. However, combining the positive reception and the overall love for the Gamecube Controller, it is very likely that it will see the light of day on store shelves.

Personally, I would love to play Mario Kart 8 and the entire Virtual Console library with the Gamecube Controller, and with this product I’ll finally be able to! What do you think about the ‘ProCube Pad’? Would you pick it up if Hyperkin mass produced it? Would you avoid it? Let us know below!