The Evil Within 2 Announced

The Evil Within 2 Announced

Today Bethesda announced a new title as being near completion in their Bethesdaland presentation.

The titlem a sequel to the previous entry in the series, appears to be an interesting Survival Horror game centered around a man finding a young girl named Lily.  The commercial featured mind-bending visuals, tragic events, implication of heavy storytelling motifs, and an almost psychedelic implementation of a theme called “Stem”, which should be fleshed out further upon release.

The game seems to feature gore, terror, suspense, and a very creepy (yet confusing set) of ideas.

It seems to focus heavily on the struggle of the protagonist, meaning that there is a very good chance that this experience will be a single player title, just as its predecessor was.

We can expect to see similar game mechanics to the first title, as well as all new new game mechanics. too

Expect to see The Evil Within 2 to hit shelves on the very fitting date, Friday the 13th, 2017.