Eternal Hope Deep Dive Video Released

Eternal Hope Deep Dive Video Released

More information for Eternal Hope, the game developed by Double Hit Games, has been released. The studio is also responsible for games such as Tiny Keepers, Goofy Monsters, Medieval Life Orc Smasher and Sinking Ships.

This new trailer expands on what we have already seen, by showing off more of the shadow world in which our protagonist Ti’bi must journey through. Ti’bi’s goal is to find his loved one’s soul with the use of a mystical mask.

While doing so Ti’bi must navigate the strange and mystical creatures known as An’mu, who inhabit a shadow world separate from our own. Ti’bi can access this shadow world through the use of a mask. This mask allows him to see and interact with these otherworldly beings and objects in the other world.

This can be in many different forms, such as blocking an incoming boulder, lowering ropes that allow you to climb to high platforms and jump to platforms that only exist on the other world.

The masked An’mu are friendly and helpful to the player when dealing with the hazards of the world. However beware as the An’mu not donning masks are corrupted creatures whose souls have been warped and twisted. They will impede and kill the player given the opportunity.

Eternal Hope is looking like the limbo sequel we never got. With a lot more colour and less depressing, developers Double Hit Games have said they took inspiration from the silhouetted art style. Eternal Hope releases on August 6th, 2020 on Xbox One and PC.

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