Elsword Gets A New Zone, Dungeons, Raids, and More!

Elsword Gets A New Zone, Dungeons, Raids, and More!

If you’ve been playing the free-to-play stylish beat-em-up Elsword then you’re in for a treat. Publisher for the European version of Elsword; Gameforge is bringing a winter wonderland to the game.

This frozen new region is titled Pruinaum. Opening its frosty gates will see players test their mettle against a variety of dangerous ice based threats. This new frozen landscape will also feature an Abandoned Village and a glacial Dungeon Forestland for teams of up to three players to tackle.

That’s not all! This new game update will also introduce a new glyph system. This new system will allow you to give your weapons powerful effects. These new glyph stones, which range from purple, indigo and gold can be combined to give your weapons some pretty impressive stats.

Glyph stones are also dependent on the type of weapon, so more powerful weapons will allow for more glyph stones to be used. For more details on these new glyph stones, players should seek out Asella in-game for more details.

To mark the opening to this new region, any player that spends more than 20 minutes exploring the Pruinaum zone will receive a [Cobo] Pruinaum Adventure Cube 1.

This reward is only available for a limited time and will run from Pruinaum’s launch until February 3rd, 2021. If exploring the cold lands get a little too much there are also weekly rewards available for completing both the Abandoned Village and the Forestland. This new icy land comes to Elsword Europe on January 20th, 2021.

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