E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference Recap

E3 2015: Nintendo Press Conference Recap

Star Fox: Zero – In this morning’s Nintendo Digital Event, Nintendo showcased the next game in the long awaited franchise, Star Fox. This visually stunning title combines the controls of the WiiU gamepad mixed with in with new transformations for the Arwing & Landmaster found in previous titles. We can expect to see this game released this holiday season

The Legend of Zelda: Tri force Heroes – A new adventure is on its way to the Nintendo 3DS! Nintendo showcased the new 3-player co-operative game where you can play with friends locally or online. This game is scheduled to launch this Fall.

Hyrule Warriors Legends – We reported early last week that Hyrule Warriors was leaked for the Nintendo 3DS. Today, Nintendo confirms this leak by showcasing the same trailer shown on Youtube. This title will be released in 2016.

Metroid Prime: Federation Forge – Set to be an arcade-style game based in the Metroid universe, Metroid Prime: Federation Forge and Metroid Prime: Ball Blast is expected to release in 2016.

Fire Emblem: Fates – A new trailer was shown for the next game in the Fire Emblem series titled, Fire Emblem: Fates. Unfortunately, only a trailer was shown off for this, but we would expect to hear more information in the time to come.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – As with the Fire Emblem title shown above, sadly, we were only provided with a trailer for the next iteration of the Xenoblade titles. The game will be released on December 4th, 2015.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer – Animal Crossing will be making it’s second appearance on the Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. From what was shown in the trailer, you get a job with the town resident, Tom Nook, where you take on several responsibilities including designing your own home and school. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will be released on September 25th and will include an Amiibo card and the new NFC accessory which will support the lack of NFC on the original 3DS handhelds.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival – This party game utilizes Animal Crossing’s turnip selling economy to bring a 4-player based board game to the Nintendo WiiU. The title will also be released in a bundle which includes the game, two amiibo figures and three amiibo cards this holiday season.

Yoshi’s Wooly World – The release date for Nintendo’s most adorable looking yarn figure will be released on October 16th, 2015.

Yokai Watch – Level Up Games took to Nintendo’s digital event to announced Yokai Watch, a new JRPG scheduled to be released this Holiday 2015.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – A new adventiure will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS titles Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. This series creatively combines the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series that we have grown to know and love over the years. This title will be released sometime next year and will be made available for the Nintendo 3DS.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – A new Mario Tennis game is making it’s way to the nintendo 3DS and with it, a new power-up to make your characters HUGE. While not much information was announced for this title, a trailer was shown with a release date of 2016.

Super Mario Maker – This is Nintendo’s Bread & Butter this year, with it being Super Mario’s 30th anniversary. Nintendo showcased some of the new Amiibo features found the game including the ability to bring in your favorite characters from Super Smash Bros for WiiU and Nintendo 3DS. You can now play as Link from Legend of Zelda, Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit or Pikachu from the Pokemon series. To continue, Nintendo also announced a 8-bit Amiibo figure which will make your classic Mario adventure even better. This title is expected to be announced on September 11th, 2015.

So, who won E3? Was it Nintendo? How about Microsoft? Let us know in the comments below!