E3 2015: EA Press Conference Recap

E3 2015: EA Press Conference Recap

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – Bioware’s MMO is taking a step back to its roots and going with more story driven events in a “FREE” expansion just announced at E3. The story follows two brothers and their pinnacle events in the star wars universe following an emperor’s whims to eliminate both rebel and imperial forces. Other than the cinematic features shown off, details for the new expansion are scarce although we would expect to hear more in the coming months. With the expansion being a free download for current subscribers who could say no to an epic adventure from Bioware.

Need For Speed – Need for Speed promises to make a huge impact by bringing back the customization that was previously available in the franchise. To continue with the announcements, EA wants to bring the same immersive multiplayer experience as seen in previous titles to the next-gen platform. At the press conference, EA showcased footage of some of the gameplay we can expect to see in the final build and we must admit – it looks great!

Star Wars: Battlefront – The gameplay for Star Wars: Battlefront looks… dare we say, astonishing! DICE seems to have taken full advantage of the Frostbite engine by incorporating the massive 40-player online battles while combining it with astonishing visuals and an all-around visually pleasing experiencing. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader also made a fitting appears as they battled it out on Hoth, showing players some of the impact these heroic and infamous characters will have in the battles taking place in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – While not much was spoken regarding this title, we did learn that it will include a plethora of beloved characters from the Star Wars universe. Hopefully, this will give mobile gamers the star wars fix they have been waiting for.

Minion Paradise – Derived from the world of ‘Despicable Me,’ Minion Paradise gives you a wondrous and hilarious upfront connection with the Minions. Playing as a clumsy Minion named Phil, the goal of this mobile game is to earn the respect and happiness of your fellow Minions. While trying to make your beloved friends happy, the Minions will get lost in the mess of accidents that are all too familiar with ‘Despicable Me’ fans. If you loved the movies, you will experience the same quirkiness and lovable personalities of the Minions you have gotten to know over the years.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Wars 2 – A multiplayer experience like the first Garden Wars , but with new characters and better graphics, level design and new interactive modes, fans of the game will stay intrigued and more invested within the game. The gameplay preview at E3 showed us the Imp class, the brain zombie super hero class, and the sniper zombie class. The imp will be faster and use more ranged attacks. The zombie brain will use melee attacks and the sniper zombie will of course utilize more long range attacks. For fans, and non fans of this franchise, you can expect allot of fun gameplay.

Unravel – Featuring a wooly protagonist named ‘Yarny’, Unravel combines a mixture of creative level design and charming gameplay to create a beautiful platforming experience. Being created by Swedish developer Codwood Interactive, Unravel is planning to be released in the coming months with no other details mentioned. Personally, we at Informed Pixel are definitely excited about this experience and we hope that you are too.

Mirror’s Edge: CatalystMirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be the origin story of our heroine Faith, where we will get to see some backstory into the events that lead up to Mirror’s Edge. The E3 presentation showed of some of the parkour gameplay that we will witness in the upcoming game and it looks beautiful. Get ready for some fast paced first person martial arts experiences. If you’re into the first person experiences and love good story lines I suggest you add this game to your selection of purchases.

EA SPORTS – EA is toting to be innovating with their EA Sports franchises. From the advanced motion capture and the new Gameface app (Found only in NBA 16), EA promises to provide a realistic experience when it comes to the next gen platforms. Among the announcements of the sports titles, EA announced that Madden NFL 16, FIFA 16, NHL 16, & NBA 16 will be released this fall.