E3 2015: Drawn to Death Impressions

E3 2015: Drawn to Death Impressions

While at E3 this year, we had the opportunity to check out a lot of games at Sony’s booth. In particular, the title Drawn to Death was something I was quite looking forward to – what with all of the violence and immaturity crammed into the title. While the presence of an excellent game can be seen from trailers or gameplay videos, the actual game itself is quite disappointing.

The magic touch that was missing from the game was the amount of action & accomplishment found in traditional shooters. The guns felt like they had no damage associated with them and it didn’t feel like there was any penalty to dying. I used the variety of guns found within the game from the rocket launcher to a machine rifle, and to me it didn’t feel like the guns were doing that much damage and if they were, I didn’t get the overwhelming sense that I got that headshot. It just felt plain; like something was missing.

To continue, the immaturity I mentioned earlier felt unnecessary. The jokes found within the demo I played weren’t funny and felt uninspired. While I can’t really speak about the jokes in more detail due to the amount of F-bombs used throughout the game, guns and death quotes alike just felt to be forced and thought of by a teen who thinks saying those words are funny. I do appreciate the fact that this game is still imcomplete but from my experience with this title at E3, I found myself going from ‘hyped’ to ‘meh.’

This could have just been my limited time with the title as I only had about 20 minutes to enjoy the game while I was here. In the 20 minutes that I played this title, I couldn’t help but feel that this game was lacking a certain amazement that exists with current first or third person shooters. What do you think? Do you think this game can still hold up? Let us know in the comments below!