Double Cross Receives An Insightful New Trailer

Double Cross Receives An Insightful New Trailer

The upcoming action adventure game Double Cross has received a brand new trailer that gives an in depth look at some of the games mechanics. This brand new “Dimension Overview” trailer shows off three of the areas that players can explore. The goo worlds of Gootopia, the neon robot world of the Funderdome and the apocalyptic dinosaur world of Reptarria.

Double Cross merges action and adventure perfectly as players must use a range of movements and attacks to defeat enemies whilst also traversing their way across the distinct universes to find clues and solve crimes. Players are also able to customize their character abilities using “Upgradium,” a rare element found in game. This element allows players to learn new fighting moves, have stronger attacks and learn other valuable skills.

Double Cross launches on January 10th for the Nintendo Switch and PC (Via Steam).

Source: 13AM Games Official Site