Dota International Tournament – Day 1 Results

Dota International Tournament – Day 1 Results

Valve’s Dota 2 International Tournament Grand Finals have started yesterday, meaning there were only sixteen teams left to compete to earn a share of the $18 Million Prize Pool we reported on earlier and nobody could have guessed what may have happened so far.

The first couple brackets of the biggest tournament this year started off with a roar, with team LGD taking their first bracket against Empire, winning 2-1 games in the set.

Then in an amazing upset, CDEC takes the bracket 2-0 from Cloud9, playing absolutely well in both games. MVP Phoenix wins their first losers-bracket game against Newbee, knocking out the champion of last year’s International Tournament, in an intense match. To continue, the team who won the first international tournament in 2011, Navi, was also knocked out of the tournament during their first match against Vici who won in an amazingly close match ending in one bad move from Navi.

VP then goes and convincingly stomps Fnatic, despite a promising start. The Malaysian team gets sent home by their Eastern European counterpart near the end of the day. Invictus Gaming and MVP Hot6 are the last two games to play, and Invictus wants to put on a show. They dominated H6 convincingly in 38 min, being the only former champions left in the tournament.

All in all, the first day of the Dota 2 International Tournament has been full of upsets, turn-arounds, and great Dota gameplay. Some big teams have been knocked out, and the underdogs all have something to prove. The next couple days should be exciting!