Dota 2 International Tournament Starts August 3rd

Dota 2 International Tournament Starts August 3rd

DOTA is a on-the-rise e-sport event, with tournaments happening all over the globe. The greatest competitors battle in 5 v 5 combat, using positioning and team composition to their advantage. But every year, the DOTA community takes Seattle by storm for the greatest event of them all, The International. The greatest players come from around the world to compete in DOTA 2 and try to earn a share of the prize pool, which is a whopping $17 Million USD this year.

The current prizes for 1st to 16th place are as follows:

1st Place – $6,415,319
2nd Place – $2,762,151
3rd Place – $2,138,440
4th Place – $1,514,728
5th Place – $1,158,321
6th Place – $1,158,321
7th & 8th Place – $801,915 per team
9th Place to 12th – $213,844 per team
13th to 16th – $53,461 per team

We’ve already gotten a bit of a taste of the international tournament with the Group stages, which decides who will be facing off against each other in each bracket. You can watch the replays on the official DOTA website, as well as the live stream matches starting again Aug 3.

A resounding good luck to all the teams, here’s to another great year of Defense of The Ancients (DOTA).