Dota 2 International Tournament – Day 5 Recap

Dota 2 International Tournament – Day 5 Recap

Day 5 of the Dota 2 International Tournament has come and past and with it, only three teams remain for the finals which start today!

Yesterday started off with teams Virtus Pro & LGD,Where LGD took the set from Virtus Pro, 2-0. Virtus Pro will end their journey in fifth position, netting themselves a total of $1,193,885 for the team while team LGD continues to play against team Vici, later this day.

Then in their Cinderella story, CDEC will move on to the grand finals, beating Evil Geniuses and sending them to the lower bracket. The set ended up 2-0, and CDEC really stomped Evil Geniuses, with the last match only lasting 20:45.

As mentioned earlier, Team LGD is set to play Team Vici for the last game of the day. In a set of very convincing games, LGD stopped the Vici train by winning the set 2-1, advancing team LGD to the semi finals to play against Evil Geniuses.

Make sure you tune in today, starting at 10AM PST to watch how the rest of the tournament plays out. Either teams Vici, LGD or Evil Geniuses will take home the ultimate grand prize of $6,594,927.