Dota 2 International Tournament – Day 2 Recap

Dota 2 International Tournament – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the Dota 2 International Tournament has come and gone and with it, some more surprising upsets and victories.

In probably the biggest upset in the tournament, the team EHome takes the set from the famed super-team, Team Secret, knocking them into the losers bracket to face against Invictus Gaming. To continue, team Evil Geniuses beat compLexity in the first round, sending compLexity to losers to fight against Virtus Pro in the lower bracket. Making for a good match-up between Evil Geniuses and EHome as they prepare for the semi-finals

In one of the better matches of the tournament so far, MVP Phoenix took their set of games 2-0, defeating Empire in the process and knocking them out of the tournament. The team Cloud9 was also knocked out of the Dota 2 International Tournament by the team Vici Gaming with an astounding victory of 2-0.

This was another great day for competitive DOTA, with more upsets and underdog wins than in previous tournament history. Head on over to the official Dota 2 International Tournament webpage for a complete breakdown on the schedule of the International Tournament including when you can watch it.