DOOM Xbox One X Enhanced Update Coming Soon

DOOM Xbox One X Enhanced Update Coming Soon

DOOM is the next Bethesda title to be added to the Xbox One X Enhanced list, as Microsoft has updated their Xbox One X enhanced list to include Bethesda’s 2016 reboot today.

The Xbox One X already takes advantage of DOOM’s built in dynamic resolution feature, but the expected patch adds it to a list that also includes Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. No current details have been announced for what will be enhanced in DOOM, but we can only assume it will be a 4K update and that it will not include HDR. All of Bethesda’s Xbox One X Enhanced games, other than Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, do not feature HDR support.

There is also no information about when the Xbox One X Enhanced patch will be released for DOOM, but we will be sure to update when more information is released.

DOOM was first released in 2016, and is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

This article was written by Cody Grimm, who is no longer with Informed Pixel