DOOM Eternal Story DLC Revealed at QuakeCon 2020

DOOM Eternal Story DLC Revealed at QuakeCon 2020

QuakeCon is like Christmas morning for fans of games such as Quake, Wallenstein, Fallout & of course DOOM. Even though this year’s QuakeCon At Home is an all digital event; there are still plenty of pleasant surprises for fans attending. We’ve got a new DLC announcement and an exclusive skin to look at, so it’s time to RIP AND TEAR!

The Ancient Gods

The Ancient Gods (Part One) is an upcoming story DLC for DOOM Eternal, which looks to pick up where the initial game left off. The Story DLC looks to take place on Urdak (Heaven); the realm of the Makyr race that is overrun by demonic forces. It also reveals that Vega, the AI companion of The Slayer, is actually The Father (God) – as was teased in DOOM Eternal’s main campaign.

The trailer also reveals some new enemies that are unique to Urdak itself. From a massive reconstructed Tyrant engulfed in blue flames, to a new large Maykr enemy class wielding a magical spear. The cover-art also teases the return of the Summoner Demon from DOOM 2016, as a small but noticeable Easter-egg in the background.

Slaying In Style

If you’re going to RIP AND TEAR, do it in style! Login to DOOM Eternal during QuakeCon 2020 and unlock this quaking new skin; which also comes with an in-game nameplate and icon! This is an exclusive skin that will only be obtainable by logging in between now and Sunday August 9th 11PM EST, so move quickly!

The full trailer for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods (Part One) will be revealed at Opening Night Live on August 27th, 2020. You can find all of the news, events & help raise money by going on at the official QuakeCon website & Twitter page! Make sure to keep up with DOOM by ripping into their website and tearing through their Twitter!

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