DOOM Eternal Is Releasing On Nintendo Switch

DOOM Eternal Is Releasing On Nintendo Switch

Get ready to rip & tear on the go, because DOOM Eternal is finally releasing on the Nintendo Switch! After being delayed for more than a year, and every other platforming being able to play the game; Nintendo players will finally get their chance raze hell very soon!

Bethesda has officially announced that the Nintendo Switch version of DOOM Eternal is finally releasing soon! The game is developed by id Software and ported by Panic Button; who also ported previous DOOM games to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Rip & Tear On The Go!

Using only 18.8GB of storage space, the package includes the entirety of DOOM Eternal‘s campaign and Battlemode; with The Ancient Gods Part 1 story DLC arriving at a later date. Additionally, purchasing the game before December 23rd, 2020 will grant players the Rip & Tear Pack & DOOM 64!

DOOM Eternal releasing on the Nintendo Switch will allow players to rip and tear like never before! The most obvious benefit is the availability to play the legendary FPS game wherever you go; but it also has optional gyroscopic controls that can help make aiming easier and more fun!

Eternal Pixels

DOOM Eternal is launching on the Nintendo Switch on December 8th, 2020; and will be only available digitally for the foreseeable future. The best way to purchase the game is at the at the Nintendo eShop or the official Nintendo store for $59.99!

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