Don’t Look Now, But Canada’s Gaming Sites Have Some Terrific Games

Don’t Look Now, But Canada’s Gaming Sites Have Some Terrific Games

There’s a fairly clear divide these days between casual and more involved gaming. More involved gaming tends to mean console and PC experiences packed with dozens of hours of gameplay, online multiplayer, and more or less limitless entertainment. On the more casual end of the gaming spectrum, however, it tends to be all about the mobile options.

That’s not to frame these options as being small or dull. Many mobile games are every bit as engaging, and looking ahead to 2020’s anticipated releases, this doesn’t seem like it’s going to change. Mobile games are simpler, cheaper, and generally more accessible, but they still entertain us to no end.

In the same vein though, there’s another more casual form of gaming that more gamers should perhaps be paying attention to. We’re talking about the online casino industry, which is sometimes disregarded as something else altogether, but which has actually come to look more and more like an online arcade or mobile gaming market – particularly where slot-driven websites are concerned.

Across Canada’s own casino gaming scene, the sites have numerous ways of appealing to players. At the outset, there are selections of bonus slots that can quickly grab gamers’ attention because of various offers: to offer free spins, math initial gambling deposits, and so on. Nowadays though, some of the strongest appeal comes from simply looking at the game selections. Browsing internet slots now means encountering all kinds of interesting settings and fun characters, and possibly some familiar themes or titles; you won’t just be looking at dated different versions of coin-and-cherry slots.

It’s primarily this improved selection and greater quality across the board that makes us inclined to say casino sites have become underrated as destinations for casual gaming. To give you a clearer picture though, if you don’t happen to frequent such sites, here are a few examples of terrific slots every bit as engaging as the average mobile game.

Dragon’s Myth – Right off the bat, this is a game unlike what most people likely expect to find on a slot site. It’s essentially a fantasy tale, built around slot spinning, but featuring a girl on a quest to vanquish meddlesome dragons. It’s executed playfully, but it’s actually beautiful, and quite intriguing as its own little fantasy.

Castle Builder – Castle Builder is another slot with something of a fantasy component, though it also has a unique feature built into it that makes it worth mentioning. Basically, the game involves a sort of side activity, which is to build your own castle. The more your progress through slot spins, the more you can do to construct your little kingdoms (the game’s own description compares it to The Sims).

Neon Staxx – It’s hard to describe this game exactly. But suffice it to say it captures a fantastic retro-techno aesthetic, reminiscent of TRON and wholly engaging as a slot background. What it’s presenting specifically is almost hard to say, but the experience is a blast, and quite memorable.

Hitman – As a final example, some may be surprised to learn that there’s actually a slot reel directly based on the popular Hitman gaming series. We know that IO Interactive is pushing forward with the core series as well, but there have been a few Hitman spinoffs in recent years, and this one is quite clever. Its gameplay is fairly standard, but through symbols, backgrounds, and a generally dark and ominous tone, it captures the spirit of the series quite well, and demonstrates a world of potential for series adaptation in this medium.

These are just a few of many, many examples. Hopefully the broader point is clear though. These casino sites have gotten quite good, and should be considered more frequently among casual gamers. If you’re interested in any of these sites, you can let us know over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account. For more gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel