“Dockless” Nintendo Switch Bundles Now Available In Japan

“Dockless” Nintendo Switch Bundles Now Available In Japan

Nintendo Japan is now officially selling the Nintendo Switch without the Nintendo Switch dock.

This option will attract consumers who want to enjoy the system in handheld mode, but have no intention of connecting the system to their TV. The dock-less bundle retails for ¥24.980, roughly translating to $299.99 CDN, about $100 cheaper than the Nintendo Switch bundled with the dock in Canada.

It is worth mentioning that the bundle also strips the HDMI cable, Joy-Con Grip, and, most importantly, the AC Adapter, meaning consumers will have to purchase an AC Adapter separately if they wish to power their console.

Nintendo UK commented that the bundle was only available in Japan due to a variety of factors. “This is in Japan only.” Nintendo toldIGN. “We have no plans to release this in our region. Different regions make different decisions based on a variety of factors.

What are your thoughts on the announcement? If this saw a release in North America, do you think it would increase sales? Let us know your comments below!

The Nintendo Switch is available worldwide at select retailers.