Dirt 5 Lanch Date Revealed For PC And Consoles

Dirt 5 Lanch Date Revealed For PC And Consoles

In a time when germs are in the top 10 spookiest things out there, it feels good to play in the mud. I mean that literally and digitally, of course. Codemasters has confirmed the next release in the Colin McRae Rally series, Dirt 5, will have new release dates for current and next gen consoles. In a recent gameplay video, the Dirt 5 Playgrounds mode was also showcased. Check it out below.

Playgrounds is a new community focused map editor for Dirt 5. Players can place assets in any order they like in order to create challenges for other members to challenge and try to get a high score in. Kickers, rings of fire (sans Johnny Cash), loop-the-loops, and more are at your disposal. Choose between the Arizona desert or Cape Town Stadium as the venue for new jam.

There are 3 game modes for you to create maps in. Firstly, there is Gate Crasher. This is your most standard racing option. Create time trial maps to challenge other humans, with checkpoints littered throughout at your leisure.

dirt 5 rainy track

Next is Smash Attack. In this mode, you place objects throughout your brain baby for players to collect as quickly as possible. Place penalty objects in strategic positions to up the difficulty, or to just upset those who come to your domain. I know how you think, internet.

Lastly, and for the first time, create Gymkhana maps in Dirt 5 Playgrounds. This point-based mode focuses on style and flow rather than just reaching the end quickly. Jumps, donuts, drifts, and any other nifty tricks you can think of all accumulate in the end to give you your final score. There is a time limit, obviously, so you can’t just spend the next year getting a high score on one map.

Dirt 5 is now set to release on November 6th, 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Xbox Series X/S humans who already own DIRT 5 on the Xbox One get a free upgrade November 10. PlayStation 5 users can expect it later this year, and Google Stadia in early 2021.

Dirt 5 Playgrounds carry over

Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier had this to say about the new release: “Dirt 5 has received widespread critical acclaim, culminating with it receiving the Gamescom 2020 Best Racing Game Award,” going on to add, “The revised launch date will allow us to take advantage of the next generation console launches which are expected in time for the holiday season.”

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