Diablo III For Nintendo Switch Listed By UK Retailer

Diablo III For Nintendo Switch Listed By UK Retailer

Diablo III may be coming to the Nintendo Switch after all, according to a listing from UK retailer CoolShop.co.uk.

CoolShop has a listing for Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch, quoting that the “Product has been ordered from our manufacturer but we have not yet received an estimated arrival date“.  While this is no confirmation that the game is in development, it does add some fuel to the well-lit fire that the game is actively in development for Nintendo’s platform.

Rumors regarding Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch have been hot and cold in recent weeks, with the latest statement from Blizzard stating that “As of now, we do not have any current plans to announce Diablo for Switch“. Hours after that statement came out, Eurogamer put out a piece stating that the game is “Very much in development“.

One major source of the rumor came from a tweet made from Blizzard themselves, who posted a image showing a Diablo nightlight being switched on and off. After speculation that this was a tease for things to come, Blizzard made an official statement on Twitter stating “We can assure you we’re not that clever, [It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.

What do you think of all this speculation? It would be great to see Blizzard’s dungeon crawler come to the Nintendo Switch, especially with the Switch’s capabilities with wireless multiplayer. Be sure to sound off in the comments below!

Diablo III is currently available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC.