Devil May Cry 5’s New Training Mode Dubbed ‘The Void’

Devil May Cry 5’s New Training Mode Dubbed ‘The Void’

During Microsoft’s xo18 event on Saturday, Capcom showcased a video featuring producer Matt Walker and director Hideaki Itsuno that introduced Devil May Cry 5‘s new training mode.

The Void is designed to allow new players to practice against various enemies, learn new weapon combos, test out various Devil Breakers, and for experienced players of the series to perfect their fighting style so they can earn those juicy points. Players can turn enemy damage off to continually practice combo timing, or leave it on to see just how much damage each series of attacks will do to particular enemies. There is also an ‘Unlimited Devil Breakers’ option that allows for players to test out Nero’s various arm attachments without expending them.

The Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5 replace Nero’s Devil Bringer arm, which has been forcefully removed, to put it lightly. Saturday’s video showcased a few deluxe options for these Devil Breakers, and it gets unsurprisingly goofy. They start off simple with the ‘Gerbera GP01’ which sacrifices projectile attacks for mobility options, shooting Nero up into the air or down towards the ground. They introduce ‘Sweet Surrender’, a health replenishing Devil Breaker, and end the list in classic Capcom fashion by busting out the ‘Mega Buster’. Yup, you know they just HAD to throw in a nod to Mega Man somewhere in there, and they did not skimp out. In addition to firing solar bullets, Nero’s movement changes in order to mimic that of Mega Man including replacing his dodge roll with Mega Man’s slide move. The most silly of all the Devil Breakers shown has to be the ‘Pasta Breaker’, a mechanical arm equipped with a dinner fork. Combat functionality isn’t exactly its primary focus, but it does allow users to cycle through their remaining Devil Breakers, because why not?

The series has always been heavily focused on style, and has historically given players a rating at the end of each level based on a combination of factors including style points earned, damage taken, time taken to complete the level, and orbs collected. Players have always had to learn combos on the fly, often repeating levels to earn that ‘S’ ranking. ‘The Void’ should give players a chance to perfect combat against specific enemies without having to slog through entire missions over and over.

Devil May Cry 5 is set to release on March 8th, 2019 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.