Detroit: Become Human Sells 362,717 Units In 48 Hours

Detroit: Become Human Sells 362,717 Units In 48 Hours

Quantic Dreams’ newest title Detroit: Become Human sold more than 360,000 units within its first 48 hours of release.

The number comes from VGChartz’ Global Weekly Chart for the week ending May 26th, 2018. More than 150,000 units were sold in Europe, with 109,568 units sold in the United States. What is surprising is it’s performance in Japan, selling more than 40,000 units, surpassing unit sales in the UK and Germany. Games that follow Detroit: Become Human is Dark Souls: Remastered, with a total of 207,060 units sold and State of Decay 2, selling 177,473 in this week.

While the number is not record-breaking, it is an impressive feat for the developer. The developer’s most popular title Heavy Rain, which saw a release on the Playstation 3, then later ported to the Playstation 4, surpassed 5.3 million units in 2018. The game went on to generate more than €100 Million in revenue for Sony, funding the developers next project, Beyond: Two Souls. This title starred actress Ellen Page, with over a million sold within its first year of release.

Detroit: Become Human is available for the Playstation 4.