Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 65

Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 65

Xur, The Agent Of The Nine, is back at the tower to bring us more exotic weapons and gear. Don’t bother looking for him at the tower this week, for he is being ever illusive and will be located in the Reef (Editor’s Note: Of all places?). Once you arrive, head directly to the right – down the catwalk, then slightly to the right again and he will be inside the bunker which would be otherwise closed.


This week’s exotics are about average but there are two items which have never been sold by Xur. The details are as follows:

– Ruin Wings – Titan gauntlets – 13 Strange coins
– Skyburners Annex – Hunter Helmet – 13 Strange coins
– The Stag – Warlock Helmet – 13 Strange coins
– Telesto – Fusion Rifle – 23 Strange coins
– Legacy Engram – 31 Strange coins

Now, lets discuss how effective and useful these exotics are. First we have the Titan Ruin Wings. These gauntlets allow the player to find and gain more Heavy ammo through drops. While the rate of drops seem to be very inconsistent, this still makes Ruin Wings on of the best Titan Exotics for use in strikes and raids.

Next, we have the Skyburners Annex Helmet for Hunters. This helmet will allow players the possibility to create orbs on heavy kills, and, when your super is full, picking up orbs have a chance on awarding you with special ammo. While that may sound great, I consider this to be a fairly useless piece of gear. Even when your super is full, you are using up much-needed orbs on the battlefield which reward players with no substantial gain. Save your coins for something else.

The Stag helm is more of a “neat” cosmetic helmet. Its exotic effect is once per life, fast super charge when teammates die and chance to spawn with over shield. Last time I checked you already get an over shield when you get revived so I don’t see the use in this perk. Sure if looks cool but again, save your coins.

Lastly, we have the Telesto fusion rifle. This is a fun exotic weapon to use and is probably on of the best exotic’s you can obtain throughout Destiny: The Taken Kind. It’s main perk is that its projectiles attach and detonate with a delayed void blast. If you time your charges right, you could pop in and out of corners in PVP – doing heavy damage to the enemy team. Plus, this weapon has a perk where it spawns orbs upon double-kills. It will be interesting to see how this rifle plays out once the new weapon patch hits.