Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 64

Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 64

Xur, The Agent Of The Nine, is back at the tower to bring us more exotic weapons and gear. Xur will be located in the center of the tower a few levels down next to the Vanguard Guardians by the abandoned mission kiosk.

If you are like us and have been playing The Taken King since it launched, you most likely already have all of the exotic gear and weapons available. If not then this week Xur does have some useful gear and one niche shotgun. Details are as follows:

Helm Of Saint-14 – Titan helmet – 13 Strange coins

Crest Of Alpha Lupi – Hunter chest – 13 Strange coins

Light Beyond Nemesis – Warlock helmet – 13 Strange coins

The 4th Horseman – Exotic shotgun – 23 Strange coins

Legacy engram – 31 Strange coins

The Helm Of Saint-14 is by far one of the coolest Titan helms out there. It gives players the ability to blind enemies that walk into your ‘ward of dawn’. This isn’t such an occurrence in The Taken King expansion but I find it useful in heroic or nightfall strikes in a pinch. This exotic is not useful in PvP at all for no enemy in their right mind would walk into an enemies bubble unless they had hammers active.

Next we have the Crest Of Alpha Lupi. This chest piece allows players to revive and be revived quicker. This is very handy for Trials of Osiris when every second of a revive counts. It also allows you to generate more orbs upon your super use.  The we have the Light Beyond Nemesis for the Warlock. It does exactly the same as the Alpha Lupi for the Hunter only its a helmet instead. It also looks really decent and matches most of the Warlock armor out there.

Lastly, we have the 4th Horseman Shotgun. This Exotic shogun used to be a Playstation Exclusive during the first year of Destiny’s launch. With the upcoming weapon balance patch coming in December this shotgun will be next to useless. Currently, it is only effective if you are right in front of your enemy due to is lackluster range but makes up for it with with a very high rate of fire. Though, it will most likely take all 5 shots in the tube to take down your enemy, so you will burn through your special ammo very fast.