Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 61

Destiny: Where is Xur? – Week 61

Its that time of week again. Xur, the agent of the nine, is back at the tower to swindle us for strange coins.


This week, Xur is located between the Speaker and Eva Lefante by those large blast doors. With nothing particularly special with week, here are the details:

Helm Of Inmost Light – Titan helm – 13 Strange coins

Celestial Nighthawk – Hunter helm – 13 strange coins

The Impossible Machines – Warlock gauntlets – 13 Strange coins

Exotic helm engram – 19 Strange coins

Legacy engram – 31 Strange coins

‘Helm Of Inmost Light’ was fun and useful year one while using the Striker subclass but now, next to nobody will use Striker over the Sunbreaker subclass. As for the Celestial Nighthawk item, I’ve seen some use during hard strikes and the raid do to the ability of 6X damage with one golden gun shot. It is one of the better exotics for the Hunter class. Lastly, we have the Impossible Machines for Warlock, while not very useful, they are by far the coolest looking exotics from this week.