Destiny: Where is Xur – October 30th, 2015

Destiny: Where is Xur – October 30th, 2015

Where is Xur? I’ll tell you where Xur is… In the tower selling the Zhalo Supercell! In the event you aren’t familiar with the Zhalo Supercell, this weapon is the only elemental primary found in the year two update making for an incredible weapon shall it suit your character’s needs. You can find Xur on the middle floor chilling with Shaxx once again.


This week, Xur is selling his usual consumables and legacy engram with the inclusion of some decent items. Of course, the highlight here is the Supercall stated above. Not only is it an excellent weapon, it also has a chance to chain arc lightning to nearby enemies, making it an powerful addition to anyone’s arsenal. If that wasn’t enough for you, it also has a very high rate of fire to compliment the chain lightning ability. Make sure to pick up this gem while you can!

The exotics are as follows:

– The Taikonaut – Titan helmet – 13 strange coin

– Graviton Forfeit – Hunter helmet – 13 strange coin

– Alchemist’s Raiment – Warlock chest – 13 strange coin

– Zhalo Supercell – Arc Primary – 23 strange coin

– Legacy engram – 31 strange coin

Thanks for stopping by Guardians. This has been an awesome week with Xur. Stop by next week for more details on Xur’s exotics.