Destiny: Where is Xur – October 23

Destiny: Where is Xur – October 23

Welcome back Guardians! Xur is back with more exotic goodies. While there is nothing game changing for sale this week, cheap exotic gear is always welcome. Now, where is he and what is he selling?

Xur will continue to sell his standard consumables such as Three of Coin and the new item called Glass Needles as well as the Legacy Engram that gives you exotics from year one. This week we have a helmet for each class and an exotic chest engram. The details are as follows:

– Empyrean Bellicose – Titan Helm – 13 strange coin

– Mask Of The Third Man – Hunter Helm – 13 strange coin

– Skull Of Dire Ahamkara – Warlock Helm – 13 strange coin

– Exotic chest engram – 19 strange coin

– Legacy engram – 31 strange coin

Neither of these helms are ones I would use for my Guardians. I don’t really see their niche use as of yet. For holding the “Exotic” title they don’t really live up to their name. They are definitely not worth the exotic armour slot. This week seems more for the exotic collectors out there. Thanks for checking in Guardians!