“Destiny: Rise of Iron” Not Coming to Last -Gen Consoles

“Destiny: Rise of Iron” Not Coming to Last -Gen Consoles

In Destiny developer Bungie’s weekly developer update, they released a rather surprising piece of information regarding their latest upcoming expansion, titled Rise of Iron.

For the first time in Destiny history, the expansion will not be releasing for last-gen consoles, namely the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


Bungie’s future Destiny game plan.


As of this August, the previously platform-unified (in the same family, that is) character data will diverge, setting your character down different paths depending on which version you’re playing.  The “path” that current-gen console players will take is the aforementioned  Rise of Iron expansion, but it is unknown what Bungie will roll out for last-gen players to fill their “path”, if anything at all, as their blog post brands Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as legacy consoles and explicitly states “If you’re using a legacy console to play Destiny, you’ll need to upgrade your hardware to experience the next adventure.”, and they specifically recommend upgrading your hardware in order to enjoy newer content.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases for current-gen consoles on September 20th.