Destiny: Iron Banner Clash Has Returned!

Destiny: Iron Banner Clash Has Returned!

Welcome back, Guardians. Iron Banner is back, and with it Lord Saladin returns to the tower, with new bounties and new rewards. This week’s game type is Clash so if you don’t have a group., you should do just fine as the only objective is to gun down the enemy

Iron Banner Clash will run from February 23-29.

For those of who aren’t familiar with Iron Banner, it’s a PvP event that usually comes around every month or so. Level advantages are enabled, so a Guardian who is Lv 320 (for example) will typically have an advantage over a Lv300. As you win matches you will rank up and be rewarded with exclusive weapons and armor.

Exclusive gear, along with the attached perks, are as follows:

-Weyloran’s March
-Army of one
-Piercing rounds/injection mold/Reinforced barrel

-Tormod’s Bellows

At the listed rank, you’re able to purchase these from Lord Saladin:
-Rank 3: Gauntlets
-Rank 4: Helmet, Weyloran’s March
-Rank 5: Tormod’s Bellows

Now, just for you, a few tips and tricks to Iron Banner that may not be common knowledge. First,  save all your high tier bounties till the weekend. They’ll give more experience as each day passes. Second, to equip the Iron Banner emblem, shader and class item, for these will also increase your experience gains and allow you to grab that exclusive gear quickly. Lastly, try to join up with a few friends and communicate. While you can technically rock this event without a group, a mediocre team on coms will always have an advantage over a group of decent randoms.

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