Deathloop PlayStation 5 Gameplay Revealed

Deathloop PlayStation 5 Gameplay Revealed

Deathloop is a new IP from Arkane Studios, a studio known for making critically acclaimed games such as Prey, Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and Arx Fatalis. This new IP looks to follow the same beats as Dishonored. The trailer depicts your player character as an Assassin named Colt on the mystical Island of Blackreef in which you and everyone else on the island are trapped in a time loop.

During this task, you are being hunted by all residents on the island while searching for 8 targets to eliminate. This has to be done before days end in order to break the loop. Players also have to deal with a rival assassin Julianna, whose sole task is to take out Colt and keep the loop going. 

This is where the seamless quasi-multiplayer element is introduced into a traditional Arkane Studios single player experience, in which the player can either face off against AI controlled Juliana, or another player to drop in and control the assassin to stop you.

The look of this twisted wonderland/prison pops with a retro-futuristic 60’s art style that looks visually distinct. It makes you want to explore what’s going on in this beautifully crafted world, while looking for other paths to take out your targets.

As you progress through the game you’ll learn more about the world through failed attempts. You’ll learn of enemy schedules, interactions and various information you can use to approach your objective in different and unique ways.

This adds a lot of replayability to a game with a quick paced and intuitive combat system, as you don’t just have firearms to help complete your objectives, but a suite of otherworldly abilities. These include teleportation and psychokinesis by the looks of the trailer. This bundle of fun is set to drop Holiday 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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