Days Gone Live Gameplay At E3

Days Gone Live Gameplay At E3

Tonight, Playstation’s E3 conference featured a live demonstration of a previously shown game titled Days Gone.

The game opened up with the protagonist on a bike, heading over to an abandoned campsite.  This far in we can even see how detailed and graphically pleasing the world is, we can especially see how well thought out the game is, seeing as a car part was used as a silencer, displaying the resourcefulness required in a post-apocalyptic world.  Suddenly while exploring, our protagonist encounters a zombie like creature, and proceeds to battle a seemingly endless horde in order to save his companion, who he eventually gives up on in order to escape himself.  We  got to see some of the 3rd person shooting action, and experience the heart pounding thrill of running for your life from hordes of the (presumably) undead.

Action packed, yet surreal, Days Gone appears to be a spectacular 3rd person survival game.  If there’s one thing the gameplay proved, it’s that the thrill of the chase is still alive, even if those pursuing you aren’t.

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