Days Gone Gameplay Shown at Sony E3 Press Conference

Days Gone Gameplay Shown at Sony E3 Press Conference

Announced last year, Sony has chosen to display some of their prepared gameplay for their new title, Days Gone.

With not much being said in regards to the post-apocalyptic title, it is exciting to see the vision come to life.

The gameplay mechanics displayed seemed to resemble those of other classic games (to name one, the binocular section had a strong resemblance to Resident Evil 4’s approach to the first encounter with the enemies).  The game appears quite similar to The Last of Us, displaying mechanics in regards to stealth and focusing that give of familiar vibes, however, it should be known that the game maintains originality.  We were also shown a human threat alongside the already present threat of hordes of the supposedly undead.

There also seems to be a strong emphasis on alternate approaches to solving problems, such as setting off explosives to attract zombies or to distract the enemies.

As for the in-game graphics, when the gameplay switched to in-game footage viewers seemed blown away- some even bowing.

It seems that Days Gone is going to be a huge release for Sony, and we are certainly excited to get our hands on the title.