Dawn Of War 3 Pre-Alpha Shown At PC Gaming Show

Dawn Of War 3 Pre-Alpha Shown At PC Gaming Show

During today’s PC Gaming Show,  the anticipated instalment in the Dawn Of War series, Dawn Of War 3 was shown and discussed.

In the few minutes that was displayed, a lot was shown off, mainly the planet Acheron, which is a planet of both fire and ice, as well as a few characters both old and new.  They also showed off a new mechanic called Death From Above which allows for dropping enemies.  Players will also eventually get a giant space laser that acts as a “finger of god” to control like a squad in order to mow down enemies.

One of the heads of development, Brent Disbrow stated “the Warhammer universe is very rich” going further to describe the gameplay as “three special heroes representing each faction.  The tale interweaves between their perspectives, allowing players to kind of experience armies as they go through the game.”

“While the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no peace.” was the opening statement, and seems to double as the introduction to the story.  Not much past this is known right now, though the game seems fantastic and will be a joy to both new and old fans of the series.

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