Dark Souls 3 Pre-order Bonuses Announced

Dark Souls 3 Pre-order Bonuses Announced

Launching in April, the third installment of From Software’s tough-as-nails Dark Souls series has generated a lot of hype, but now, if you haven’t already pre-ordered, publisher Bandai Namco has announced a couple of special bonuses that might help win you over.

If you’re pre-ordering on PS4, you’ll get an exclusive Fire Fades dynamic theme for your home menu, along with a digital copy of the game’s entire soundtrack, although likely to avoid early spoilers, you won’t be able to download that until the game officially releases on April 12th.

If you’re pre-ordering on PC, you’ll also get a copy of the soundtrack, although whether it’s available to PC users immediately, or whether they’ll have to wait until April 12th as well is unknown. Additionally, if you own the other two Dark Souls games, you’ll get a small discount of five dollars from your purchase of the third game.

Last, but not least, if you pre-order on Xbox One, you’ll get a free copy of the first Dark Souls, playable through the console’s backwards compatibility features. Unfortunately though, no word is available on whether or not you’ll get the soundtrack at all, but considering the immense value of this bonus, it is unlikely.