D. Va Enters The Nexus In Heroes of the Storm

D. Va Enters The Nexus In Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has finally released D. Va to the masses in Heroes of the Storm, thanks to the latest patch for the MOBA.

Gamers can start playing as D. Va the next time the log into the game, but that’s not the only gift Blizzard has waiting for fans. New battleground rotations have been added to the game, with nine battlegrounds available, up from six, and three changes to the rotation planned for every season of Ranked Play.

Minor adjustments to four heroes have also been added to the game, and new weekly quests have been released as part of the fourth week of Overwatch-themed celebrations. For the final week of the Nexus challenge, players can unlock 10 loot chests in Heroes of the Storm and 10 loot boxes in Overwatch after playing five games with friends in the Nexus.

Check out our preview of the newest hero and log into Heroes of the Storm to play D. Va today.