Cyanogen Approached By Nintendo To Develop OS; Told To “Stick It”

Cyanogen Approached By Nintendo To Develop OS; Told To “Stick It”

The operating system for the Nintendo Switch may have been entirely different if certain pieces would have fallen into place.

Back when the Nintendo Switch was still codenamed the Nintendo NX, several rumors were circulating around the web regarding Nintendo’s next home console. One of those rumors was an Android-based operating system, and it seems in some ways, it was almost a reality.

According to CEO of Cyanogen, Kirt McMaster, the reality was almost made by his company, but there were some pre-reserved doubts. For those unaware, this company is behind the Android-based OS CyanogenMod, which shut down in 2016 to move their focus away from Operating Systems. McMaster claims that Nintendo approached his business to help design and produce an Operating System that would be implemented in their new console, what we now know as the Nintendo Switch.

Whether or not the information in these tweets are true, McMaster did mention that the Nintendo Switch is using “bits of Android,” which can be why the Nintendo Switch’s OS feels so clean and comfortable to use.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

Source: Android Central